Mito Awareness
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Last year, one of my good girlfriends suffered an unimaginable loss.  After spending an amazing first year with her baby boy, Frankie, he was diagnosed with a type of Mitochondrial disease and given only a few weeks to live.  Many people can live and manage the disease, but in little Frankie's case it had effected the major organs in his body and could not be treated.  I, like her and most of our friends, had never even heard of this disease.  She is now making it a goal to bring as much awareness as possible to as many people as she can.  This precious baby's story is heart-breaking, and I just hope that one day there will be a cure, or enough knowledge that even if diagnosed with the disease, that everyone can live a good life with it.  This weekend she will be holding a fundraiser in memory of Frankie to help raise money for MitoCanada.   To learn more about Mitochondrial disease please visit the following links, MitoCanada & MitoACTION.

In one year, this little baby touched so many lives.  He will always be remembered and have a special place in many hearts.


To make a donation to Mito Canada please click here.

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