Bridal Beauty: Classic Bridal Makeup

Beauty Tips:


Blend, Blend, Blend!  

Contour the hollows of the cheeks towards the mouth, along the jawline and around the forehead & temples.  Make sure to blend to avoid any harsh lines or streaks.  Highlight along the bridge of the nose, high points of the cheek bones.  Apply blush last on the apples of the cheeks outwards.  

Eyes & Brows

Always Prime!

Eye primer will help hold your eye makeup all day.  After priming, use the caviar stick all over the eye lid.  Add Rose to the center of the lid, sweeping the shadow outwards.  Use Coffee Ground to line under the eye and create a smokey look in the outer corner of the eye.  Create full brows by brushing the brow pencil in little strokes, follow the direction of the brow hairs.  Use the brow gel to hold brow hairs in place.


Don't Forget To Line!

First, highlight the cupids bow of the lips.  Next, line lips to help define, then fill in with pencil.  This will help your lip look last longer.  After applying lipstick, dab gloss in the centre of the lips to create the perfect pout.

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Photography by Gucio | Hair by Jen Mathison | Makeup by Katie Elwood

Katie is a makeup artist based in Vancouver BC, represented by Lizbell Agency. She has been in the Vancouver beauty scene for 10 years, and in love with makeup for most of her life. When she is not painting faces she writes for her blog and is a contributor for Fashion Magazine.