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Top 3 questions about primer

Q: What is primer?

A: Primer is a product that you put on before your makeup to act as a barrier between your skincare and makeup products.  It helps to prep the skin to be ready for makeup application.  

Q: Why Should I Use Primer?

A: Applying primer helps increase the longevity of your makeup.  Primer will also help to smooth out the skin and create a perfect canvas for applying makeup.  

Q: Why are there different types of primers?

A: Just like with skincare, there are many different primers to target specific skin concerns.  Primers also vary depending on the area you will be applying them.  The skin on your cheeks and forehead is much different from the skin around the eye area.  You wouldn't use your eye cream on your nose would you!?  You should be using different primers to help prep certain areas on your face!  

4 steps to perfectly primed skin


Don't forget to moisturize!  

A lot of primers have a similar texture to your skincare.  This doesn't mean you should skip your AM cream.  Primers can be hydrating but don't have the same ingredients as moisturizers do.  The two will work best if you apply them both.  9 out of 10 primers should be used after your face cream but make sure to check with your local beauty advisor just in case you have a fancy one that goes before!

Face Primer

Apply your primer after your skincare all over the face avoiding the eye area.  

This is the category that usually has the most diverse selection of primers to choose from.  Depending on your skin concerns and needs you may just stick with a basic primer or use a primer with a bit more to it!  

Tip: Layer your primers for multiple concerns. If you have an oily T-zone with dry cheeks, try using a pore- minimizing primer for the T-zone area and a hydrating primer for the rest of the face.

Eye Primer

Make sure you are using eye primer in the correct area.  Eye-lid primers tend to have a bit of a dryer consistency since the eyelid is more emollient than the rest of the eye area.  Eye-lid primers are a must when applying shadow, it will help prevent your shadow from creasing and increase the staying power!  

Under-eye primers aren't as common but my favourite offers amazing benefits to the eye area as well as prepping it for concealer.

Lip Primer

This step is not always necessary.  If you are just applying a gloss or sheer lipstick then I say skip it!  

However, if you want to have a bold lip look, then I recommend investing in a great lip primer.  It will help prevent feathering on the lip line and keep your lipstick in place, helping it last all night long.


Primer Tip

If you use my favourite primer (Laura Mercier Oil Free primer), pop it in your fridge!  When you apply it in the AM  the cooled product will feel refreshing and can help to reduce puffiness.  Make sure if you are using other primers that they are silicone free before trying this tip!

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