Must Read Beauty Books

Lately I am spending more time scrolling instagram than I am reading books or magazines.  While instagram is great for catching the latest makeup trends, I still love going back to my beauty books for inspiration and tips!  Here are a few of my all time favourites.

1. Kevyn Aucoin - Making Faces.  This book is a classic.  It has very detailed instructions for applying basic beauty makeup as well as creating different more over the top looks!

2. Laura Mercier - The New Beauty Secrets: Your Ultimate Guide To A Flawless Face.  Laura makes it so easy with her steps to achieving flawless beautiful makeup.  She also has a ton of celeb photos from past makeups she has done which are fun to look at.

3. Bobbi Brown - Makeup Manual: For Everyone From Beginner To Pro.  Bobbi Brown has a few books but I love this one for a quick overview of her brand and basic tips.  

4. Scott Barnes - Face to Face.  The newest of the four books, Face to Face gives tips about changing up your look for different day to day events.

Where do you get your beauty inspiration from?


Photo Credit: Britney Gill

Product Styling: Elim Chu

Katie is a makeup artist based in Vancouver BC, represented by Lizbell Agency. She has been in the Vancouver beauty scene for 10 years, and in love with makeup for most of her life. When she is not painting faces she writes for her blog and is a contributor for Fashion Magazine.