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Tutorial: Bronzer And Blush 101

Tutorial: Bronzer And Blush 101

In my early 20's before I went to makeup school I hardly ever used blush and from what I can remember I wore way too much bronzer.  Once I learned how to properly wear both I have never gone back and rarely will skip either.   From powders, to creams and gels, picking the correct bronzer and blush can get a bit confusing.  Keep scrolling to see my bronzing and blush tips!  

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Start: Apply The Basics

Begin by applying your foundation and concealer.  Next set with a translucent powder, this is an important step when you are going to apply powder bronzer or blush, like I did in this tutorial.  It will prevent powder products from sticking and appearing muddy on the skin.  

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How To: Bronzer

Step 1: 

Use a tapered powder brush and pick up a small amount of product, tap any excess powder off.  Sweep the bronzer upwards along the hollows of the cheek. This will sculpt your face without looking overly contoured.

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Step 2: 

With a large powder brush dust bronzer along your forehead.  Think about creating a "C" shape from your forehead to cheek bone and brushing along the highest points of the face.  Next, sweep bronzer down the bridge of your nose and lightly on your chin.  The goal is to bronze where the sun would naturally hit the face.

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Step 3: 

For a more defined jaw, dust bronzer just below your jaw line.  Sweep bronzer down neck. Just don't over do it, a light application is best!

Bronzing Tips:

  • Don't use a bronzer with too much shimmer or orange tones.
  • Do use a warm toned matte bronzer to get the perfect sun-kissed look. 

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How To: Blush

Step 1:  

Pick up a small amount of product on your blush brush and dust along the apples of the cheeks.  

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Step 2: 

Blend from the apples of the cheeks and sweep upwards along the cheek bone towards the hair line.

Blush Tips:  

  • Smile when applying blush to the apples of the cheek, this will help you get the right placement and avoid bringing the blush too close to your nose.
  • Use two shades - Apply a more natural tone along the cheek bone and a slightly brighter pink for a pop of colour on the apples of the cheeks.
  • Don't forget to blend your products
  • Start with less then build the colour from there.

The Final Look

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Credits: Makeup: Katie Elwood / Photography: Julie Bajic 

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