Function Health Club:  5 Summer Fitness Myths

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This post is brought to you by Caroline Mundell, Co-Owner of Function Health and Fitness and certified nutritionist, personal trainer and yoga instructor.  Through-out the year look for her Function Health and Fitness posts for fitness and nutrition tips.  We would love to hear what fitness facts you the reader are most interested in learning about, make sure to let us know in the comment section below. 

Myth 1: Every one is in their best shape during the summer

Summer is the time of year when everyone takes vacation’s, kids are home from school and schedules change.  Typically that means that your workout and nutrition habits shift slightly too!  I tell my clients that summer is MAINTENANCE time.  Stick to a diligent training and nutrition routine in the spring and then maintain and enjoy your accomplishments throughout the summer season!

Myth 2: It’s hot so you’ll eat less and stay lean

If there is one thing I know for sure, summer evenings = BBQ's, Patio Sessions and often late night bites with friends after a long day at the beach.   Combine that with less structure and possibly skipping meals during the day and all of a sudden you’re eating way more in the evening to make up for starving yourself during the day.  

Myth 3: You’ll have more time for your workouts

Longer days do give the illusion of more time and can mean that you can get out after dinner for a run.  The key here is to commit. Keep your workout appointments with yourself. Things come up that seem like a good reason to skip your workout or postpone until the next morning/evening.  See Myth 2 if your unsure of what could possibly get in the way!

Myth 4: You can get in shape for the summer by starting in June

I will first start by saying that it is ALWAYS a good time to start a healthy fitness and nutrition routine.  That being said, all of the magazines that promise 4 weeks to a bikini body only happens if you start with a good foundation.  If you are motivated by the idea of looking good in a bikini, that’s great!  Own it and use it. I just always caution my clients when they put a time cap on their body shaping goals.  Embrace the process, appreciate where you are come July 1st and then review Myth 1.

Myth 5: Taking a week off while on vacation won't set your fitness routine back

Vacations are a time to relax and to get away from the day to day grind.  Do you train really hard all the time?  Then maybe this is a great time to take as a de-load week, change things up, do some yoga or go on some hikes.  Take advantage of all the great activities your vacation has to offer and you will end up feeling more relaxed and refreshed than if you took an entire week off from fitness.  As for the diet, sure, maybe you’ll end up having bigger meals some of the time and a few poolside snacks.  My general rule is that a few big meals are fine, but focus on the quality of the food you are eating.  If you are eating out a lot, try to ditch the unnecessary breads, chips and sugary sweets and stick to indulging in fresh guacamole or an extra helping of your favourite meat or veggie dish!

Do you have any tips for staying in shape during the summer?  Sound off in the comment section below!

~ Caroline.

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Caroline is the co-owner of Function Health Club as well as a certified nutritionist, personal fitness trainer and yoga instructor. She is a firm believer in staying active and eating well to promote clear mental focus and maintain energy levels.