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Beauty Tip: 4 Steps To Up Your Brow Game

Beauty Tip: 4 Steps To Up Your Brow Game

Confession - I never was one to pay attention to my brows.  It wasn't until a fellow artist at the Laura Mercier counter, where I had been working for a few months, sat me down to give me a few brow tips that I really got it.  Good brows are a MUST and as a makeup artist it is my job to make sure they are well groomed, filled in and shaped to perfection.  Thankfully since brows have been having a major beauty moment for quite some time now, there are amazing products on the market to help you achieve "the perfect brow".  I stand by a few different products and tricks for getting the right shape while still keeping the look natural, (no angry brows welcome here)!  Take a look below at my four steps to help you up your brow game...


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Step 1: Grow 'Em (If you can)

Not everyone is going to be able to do this, thankfully there are products out there to help with this one.  My biggest tip is don't give up, it may be a bit hard at first to put down the tweezers but once you have that gorgeous full brow you will be so happy you did.

Step 2: Find Your Shape

Figuring out what brow shape is best suited for you is probably the most important step.  It is alway good to see a brow specialist to help find your initial shape.  Once you have had this done once it is fairly easy to maintain on your own.  If you do decide to groom your own brows, keep these guidelines in mind:

Start: Brush the brow hairs up with a brow comb.  This will help you see if you have any out of control long hairs that need to be trimmed and the general direction that the brow hairs grow. Next take tweezers and hold them from the side of your nose in a line straight up, this is where your brow should begin.  

Arch: If you draw a line straight up from the outer corner of your pupil, this will tell you where the arch should be.  

End: Use your tweezers once again to help guide you from the outer corner of the eye up to your brow.  This is where your brow should end.

Note: If you are not comfortable grooming your own brows, it is best to leave it to the pros.  This will avoid the unfortunate "trying to get them even" moment that can lead to over plucking.

Step 3: Filling In

The same guidelines for shaping your brow apply to filling them in.  Use the same tweezer trick as above to figure out where to start your brow, where your arch should be and how far to extend it.  Fill in with hair-like brush strokes in the same direction that the brow hair grows.  

Step 4: The Finish

How fine or corse your brow hair is or your desired look will determine what type of product you use to finish your brows.  My fave is clear brow gel to help hold the brow hair in place, if you have coarser hair you may opt for a brow wax.  Lastly, fluff up the inner corners of the brow up give them a fuller appearance.

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Brow Products Currently In My Kit

  • Anastasia Brow Whiz
  • Anastasia Brow Powder
  • Smashbox Highlight Stick
  • Shu Uemura Hard 9 Formula
  • MAC Clear Gel Bobbi Brown Natural
  • Brow Shaper & Touch up

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Model: Julie Bajic / Makeup & Photography: Katie Elwood

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