5 Products For Touching Up Your Makeup

In no way am I or would I ever consider myself a fashion blogger. I say this because I feel I lack the certain style and creativity that fashionable girls have. I am more of a buy the outfit off the mannequin girl. That being said one of my goals for 2016 is to put myself out there a bit more. I thought it would be fun to do the occasional lifestyle story (with a beauty twist of course), along with focusing on doing more beauty tutorials. So here goes, after meeting my girlfriends Sarah {Earrings + Stuff} and Britney {Britney Gill Photography} for a coffee at Milano we headed to a great little spot in Gastown to snap a few shots. Then below check out my tips + products to use for touching up your makeup when you are on the run.

My Touch Up Go-To's

  1. Blotting Paper. Use these before touching up your makeup to absorb oil. Sometimes this is all I need to help freshen up my skin.
  2. Hydrating Face Mist. When I need a bit of a refresher I spritz myself with a face mist. It helps to give my skin a boost of hydration and feels amazing. These are generally not a setting spray but instead a product to help refresh the skin so don't get the two mixed up.
  3. Q-Tips + Concealer. Nothing helps you look more awake then bright eyes. I will clean up any smudges that might have happened with a q-tip then dab on a little extra concealer under my eyes. Also, we have all had the dreaded moment when that zit you thought you were getting makes an afternoon appearance. Conceal then dust a little powder to set and you will be good to go!
  4. Powder. I always have a pressed powder with me to touch up around my nose and chin. These are the two areas I find need a little extra love half way through my day. Currently I am obsessed with Giorgio Armani's Luminous Silk Powder. It is a light weight powder so when re-applying it doesn't look heavy.
  5. Lipstick. I always have a few different lip products in my purse. Three in my bag right now are Rosebud Minted Lip Balm, MAC Lipstick "Faux" + Charlotte Tilbury's Lip Lustre "Portobello Girl".

Do you have any products that you can't leave home without?

~ Katie.

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Photos: Britney Gill

Katie is a makeup artist based in Vancouver BC, represented by Lizbell Agency. She has been in the Vancouver beauty scene for 10 years, and in love with makeup for most of her life. When she is not painting faces she writes for her blog and is a contributor for Fashion Magazine.