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This post is brought to you by Caroline Mundell, Co-Owner of Function Health Club and certified nutritionist, personal trainer and yoga instructor. Through-out the year look for her Function Health Club posts for fitness and nutrition tips. We would love to hear what fitness facts you the reader are most interested in learning about, make sure to let us know in the comment section below. 

2016 Fitness Resolutions

  1. Eliminate processed sugars. Sugar is one of the most addictive substances ingested by humans. Eliminating processed sugar and reducing the amounts of extra sweet fruits (bananas, mangos, grapes, cherries to name a few) will help your body get rid of unwanted fat stores and increase your overall energy. This also significantly reduces food cravings. I am not saying you can't have anything sweet, sometimes you just can't resist and have to reach for that piece of chocolate, just choose dark over milk!
  2. Try meditation. As little as 6-10 seconds of meditation a day has been proven to make you more effective. That includes being more effective in sticking with your New Years Resolutions!  Not sure how to even get started with this? There are many great apps like Headspace or Calm that give you guided meditations to help you get started. Yoga classes are another great way to get in some meditative time. 
  3. Lift weights. A lot of people believe that cardio is the answer to weight loss when in fact building and maintain muscle mass is actually what keeps weight off and gets your body looking lean and strong. So don't obsess about jumping on the mundane treadmill running off your Christmas pounds. Be patient, strength train 3x/week for at least 3 months and then take advantage of the beautiful spring weather and run to your hearts content. Stick to this plan and your be bikini ready by May.
  4. Get outside. It may be cold, but nothing beats and invigorating walk on the Seawall or amongst the trees. Spending time in nature tends to give people a feeling of space and peace. I typically go for a 20-30min walk on Sundays and use this time to refocus and mentally plan for the week ahead. 
  5. Build a Plan. Get a coach. Whether it's a personal trainer, going to a class or even a nutrition and health coach, having a plan that is designed by a health professional to help you reach your goals will give you long term results.

What are your 2016 fitness resolutions? Sound off in the comment section below!

~ Caroline.

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Caroline is the co-owner of Function Health Club as well as a certified nutritionist, personal fitness trainer and yoga instructor. She is a firm believer in staying active and eating well to promote clear mental focus and maintain energy levels.