Fashion Magazine: Beauty Resolutions For 2016

Fashion Magazine Beauty Panel Challenge 108

Every year I generally stick to the same goals, eat better and workout more. Now don’t get me wrong one of my 2016 resolutions is to be more healthy but I also have a few beauty resolutions to add this year. A big part of wanting to be healthier has to do with the fact that I am now in my 30’s and noticing changes in my skin. In my opinion this problem can be helped two ways; diet and skincare. Which leads me to my first beauty resolution, up my skincare game. I have always done the basics plus the occasional mask. This year I will make sure I actually use my eye cream and will be exploring serums and elixirs. 

As a makeup artist I am constantly playing with different products and colours on my clients but my personal makeup routine has started to lack a certain wow factor. Always a fan of bright lipsticks, this year I want to step out of my own makeup rut and be bold with my eye makeup. Think bright blue eyeliner and pastel shadows. My last beauty resolution is to master braiding. Since often I am in a rush to get ready and have more hair than I can style in 5 minutes, braids are the perfect go-to hairstyle for me.

Do you have any beauty resolutions? Or will you add any of mine to your list? Tell me in the comment section below!

~ Katie.

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Katie is a makeup artist based in Vancouver BC, represented by Lizbell Agency. She has been in the Vancouver beauty scene for 10 years, and in love with makeup for most of her life. When she is not painting faces she writes for her blog and is a contributor for Fashion Magazine.